11 Things I Wish I had Done before 25

Last week I turned 25 and I just wanted to share a few things that have been on my heart. These things made me the person I am today but I am all about transparency, so I wanted to showcase a few things I probably could have done differently.





Top 11 Regrets

1.    I wish I never got a credit card

I immediately maxed out 3 credit cards’ to fund Join Me Entertainment (My first business) events. I just paid them off last February.

2. I wish my first kiss happened BEFORE 12th grade

Getting my first kiss in 12th grade was a gift in a curse. Unlike most kids my age I never went to parties or hung out much in middle school. I just read books, played basketball, and played video games. The curse was my first 2 years in college I did NOT know how to act.


3. I wish I read the book Think & Grow Rich in the 6th grade

This book outside of the bible has been the most transformational book in my life. I credit this book for my outrageously fast start with my company and helping me reframe my mind to bigger and better things.



4. I wish I had asked for help more

Although I learned allot from the bad decisions I have made. I would be a fool to say that I couldn’t have avoided allot of those situations if I just asked for help. Having pride as a man is cool but often times it leads to bad decisions we could have gotten out of.


5. I wish I had kept my 2nd semi-girlfriend

I say semi-girlfriend because I had a bad habit early in my dating career for talking to females for years without having a title. It sounds cool when your in college trying to do your thing. But that’s foolish. I ruined allot of great relationships because of my immaturity. Now I am paying the price as a 25 year old single man. It’s much harder to get loyal women who truly understand you when your older and your doing big  things in your life because you never know who truly likes you.


6. I wish I started asking for money speaking earlier

Up until this day I have done far to many free speaking engagements. Allot of times when you start off in your business you do as much free work as possible to make your name. But you have to strike a balance. The last time I checked “You did a Great Job Today” does not pay the bills.


7. I wish I had listened to my parents more

For some reason growing I acted like my parents did not have my best interest at heart. I would have missed  905 of life’s potholes if I had heeded their direction. My good friend Desmond Scott (Duke Grade and CEO of MDH Fitness) once said “I haven’t really failed at to much in life”. I asked him why… he said, “Because I listened to my parents and the older people around me”.



8. I wish I had “studied” the greats instead of “watching” the Greats

Studying people and watching people are two totally different things.  Growing up I wanted to be a division one basketball player. I watched and played allot of basketball but it seems my career never took off as much as it should have. The main reason was because I didn’t STUDY those who were already at the levels I wanted to be. I didn’t study there diets, practice habits, sleep schedule. I didn’t study the players they studied, or even their biographies. That’s why today I study and read 24/7 about performers, CEO, world changers because I will NOT make that same mistake twice.


9. I wish I had stumbled upon this YouTube video around 4th Grade

10. I wish I loved more

This one may be a bit weird but hear me out. I grew up with a chip on my shoulder because Dark Skin wasn’t In (no love from the middle school girls) and I didn’t have new shoes or clothes growing up. So my whole life I have always had an outrageous chip on my shoulder. It has drove me to great heights but it has also harmed great friendships, relationships, and my dealing with people. Although I am humble, I do have a very VERY big ego because I never was given a shot to do what I do now. I was always overlooked. But if you lead with a heart of love you realize that we are ALL humans and it all goes back in the box.


11. I wish I could give everybody a mirror

At 25 years old I have never been this excited about life. Because everyday I meet people with sooo much potential and I get a chance to help them achieve it. I wish people could see what I see in them. I wish people could look in the mirror and see beauty, hope, and genius. I wish people could look in the mirror and see the AMAZING things God has planned for them if they become more of themselves.


Question: What is 1 thing you wish you had done the last ten years {Answer Below}? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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