15 Minutes of This Could Change Your Life

I don’t know about you. But ever since I graduated from college my life has been a blur. Everyday seems like Monday or Friday and years just don’t seem as full as they did when I was 13.

Take 30 seconds to think of your best summer field trip as a kid?

For you it may be easy to recall. I bet you are smiling or laughing right now thinking about it.

What if I asked you what was your best moment 3 weeks ago? Could you remember?

As we get older we realize life is 96% ordinary and 4% magical moments and accomplishments. Which is why sometimes I have felt unfulfilled with life regardless of if I was moving towards my goals. So I told myself I have to acknowledge every week from here on out.

Then every Sunday via social media I would do a recap of my week pertaining to various things that transpired, lessons learned, and a takeaway. I noticed doing that every Sunday had a very positive effect on me. I started to be happier, receive more encouragement, and people would contact me with ideas and suggestions on the things I listed.

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Then I thought, what if everyone had a reflection partner or group that chatted once a week about their life. So after 7 takes on Sunday I recorded my reflections (listen via sound cloud below) and charted a plan to encourage other people to start their own group. Below is  my proposal to you.

Please Note: If you already reflect often and access where your at in regards to your goals, health, happiness etc then this post may not be a value add for you. So check back  in next week where I discuss some issues and seek feedback on being single in your mid twenties.

But If you currently don’t reflect on you’re goals or life often, are kinda unhappy on where you are in life right now, or just want to know about my week then keep reading.


Why You Should Start A Reflection Group

  • Generate Ideas

Learn about new books, other ideas, and strategies from others to help you reach your goals or just to learn something new

  • Increased Accountability

Sharing goals and meeting weekly allows others to hold you accountable to the things you commit to accomplish

  • Create Momentum

Each time you share with your friend or group you receive encouragement. And the more encouragement you receive the more inclined you are to keep moving forward regardless of the obstacles you face

  • And Lastly To Learn

“We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.”

Each Week You Will Discuss:

  1. 3 Great things that happened
  2. Big idea of the week
  3. A recommended book or blog post
  4. A big takeaway from your week
  5. One Goal for the next week
  6. One thing you need help on
  7. One Weekly challenge for whoever you share this with

How Do I Create a Group?

  1. Download the Template (Weekly Recap Worksheet) feel free to adjust
  2. Choose at least one person to reflect with (Groups are even better)
  3. Set a 10 – 20 minute window every Sunday where you talk via conference call and discuss

My Personal Reflection (Episode 1)

Update: I will be publishing my weekly reflection every Sunday

My Reflections Summary

Below is a high level summary of the episode. I go into much more depth on the actual episode above but if you don’t have 13 minutes to spare then read below.

Great Things that happened

  1. Released first blog Post
  2. Got accepted to MLT MBA Prep Program
  3. Took the next step to grow my faith

Recommended Book

The defining Decade- Why your twenties matter by Dr. Meg Jay

Big idea of the week

An app that helped young teens get help with mental needs

Big Takeaway from Week

As soon as you compare yourself to others you have an excuse not to begin

One Goal for the Week

Study 7 days straight for the GMAT (2 hours of FOCUSED study a day)

One Question for you

Creative Penalty for not reaching my fitness goal of 10% body fat by March 24th 2016

This week’s challenge for you

Go to one event in your community this week and connect with one new person


Question:  What was your Big Takeaway from last week?

{Answer Below in the comments by clicking here.}

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  • LaQuan Stevens

    Great post brother. Some colleagues & I are discussing ways to create a reflection group now to put some plays in motion.

    • Its time. If the conversation is not moving forward then what are we discussing?!

  • Tré Chris

    Definitely starting this with the fellas. All too often I find myself not remembering the magical moments that take place in life and throughout the week. Great insight as usual.

    • Thanks brother @tr_chris:disqus. Let me know how the reflections are going. It could also be as simple as sharing with your social sphere. But group building is much more real and authentic. Glad I could help

  • People are too hard on themselves. Once you write down your accomplishments you are surprised by how much you have really done. Great post man! Please keep them coming.

    • You hit it right on the head my brother @disqus_4HO64msduT:disqus . Everybody searching for more love, accomplishments, glory, peace but not looking at the love, accomplishments, glory, and peace that God has already given them. Great insight

  • Keon Mitchell

    This is dope Greg! I actually meet with a few like minded friends of mines in Charlotte to talk about future goals and previous mistakes at the house. We talk about a lot of the key points that our discussing in here. Great post!

    • Thanks Brother @disqus_eSUnlOB09k:disqus I am glad you are already actively discussing, evaluating, and charting a plan to reach your goals. You are far ahead of me at my age. Keep pressing !

  • C Millz

    Great idea to share with folks Greg! I remember our Mastermind calls which falls within the realms of this concept you are describing. Meeting every weekly was tough at first, but I’m still amazed at the results I got from the weekly calls! I suggest everyone leverage this opportunity, seems small but the results are so awesome! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your insight and reading. I agree. If you have a spouse or tight group of friends these little conversations can lead to such big things. Nobody wants to be the loafer on a group call 🙂 @c_millz:disqus

  • Kam E

    I recently put this poster on my wall to help ensure that I’m planning out my time accordingly and that all my energy is driving towards my priorities and valuables.. It’s been up there now just blank because I wanted to strategically write everything out. This post was soo timely in providing some insight on how to start value stream mapping my future and getting my goals up there. I’m starting tonight and I’m also going to make a journal entry about it to see my progression (something I’m also trying to do consistently).. Minister Heather Lyndsay recommended that we start numbering our journals every day, and if we forget a day and don’t write in them, then the next time we do, we must start over from day one.. I thought that was an awesome tip for some of your other followers to try.. Lastly, I really enjoyed your podcast too! The app idea is Really awesome. I think you should pursue that or conect/share with some people who might develop it.. Looking forward to the continual inspirationals ! -KC

    • As always. You are so in depth with your words, insight, and application. That is an awesome idea. And as far as the app I will probably share it with others that are in that space but I def think it is needed and would be helpful @disqus_bn5jnCvC0v:disqus. I am still waiting on the day when you do a legit guest blog.

  • Thomas Hearn

    Great post, I plan on using your advice.