The Power of Being Grateful

Grow-Give-Thrive by Greg Hill

Photo credit: Nanagyei via cc

Photo credit: Nanagyei via cc



If your reading this then you have eyes

If your reading this you have a cpu, phone or tablet

If your reading this you must know how to read

If your reading this you must have electricity

If you are reading this you have access to the internet

If you are reading this you are alive


1 out of every 40 people in the US is legally blind

%80 Percent of the world lives on $10 a day

Almost 1 billion people entered the 21rst century without the ability to read or sign their name

1 billion people do not have electricity in the world

155,000 people didn’t wake up today


If you have eyes you can see what work you need to do to accomplish your goals

If you have a phone you can call somebody when you need help

If you can read you can find a book written on how to succeed in your particular craft

If you have electricity then you have access to an alarm to wake you up to get locked in

If you have the internet, then EVERY blueprint to success, to any field, is available to you

Since your ALIVE reading this, live Your dream. If you already are then help somebody else live theirs. Period


In the comments below please list top  things you take for granted? 

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