Why is Breaking Up With Your Potential So Hard?

Have you ever woke up and felt slightly disappointed?

Every Other Day

Every Other Day

Like nothing crazy is going on in your life but you feel like you should be a tad further along. You look in the mirror and you’re a tad bit overweight. You check your bank account and it isn’t where you thought it should be. You get into a car, that you’re grateful for but you really want something a bit newer and splashy.Then you arrive at a job which is good but not exactly suited for your passions, career, and ultimately your capabilities.

After  work you check your text messages and they are filled with messages from a person or people that you honestly are just not that excited about. We have all been there holding on to a job, relationship, business, etc for far too long because of the P word.


Respect the Process: Exactly How I Wrote My First 2 Books & The Lessons Learned

November 6th, 2013 this website went live.  My vision was to create a space where I would create and curate content to inspire, empower, and encourage the culture of black millennials to define their own reality and be the best version of themselves.


I also wanted to share the blueprint while I was creating my own brand as a speaker, author, and podcaster so that those coming behind me would have better practical advice and avoid all the mistakes I have made and am currently making.

I have succeeded thus far in sharing my own testimony through my blog post as well as those of others through my podcast, however, I have dropped the ball on 1 area. I haven’t given any blueprint to how I have been able to publish two books, get paid to speak, and become a pretty good blogger along the way.

Dang 2

Don’t worry I am NOT about to launch a paid course about how to do that. However, I do want to share more practical things I have learned in this industry. And I am starting Today!

The Wake-Up Call: 4 Truth’s I Learned After Almost Losing my Eye

Friday, August 5th I was involved in an accident which I almost lost my eyesight and suffered 2nd-degree chemical burns to the face.


It was one of the scariest moments of my life and honestly a huge wake-up call. Last month I was having issues with my radiator my dad looked me in my eye and said, “Never take the top off while it’s hot, wait at least 15 minutes”. So that Friday as I saw the temperature gauge approach Hot I decided to pull over. I had only driven 2 miles and I figured it wouldn’t take too long to cool down. So after about 3 minutes I opened up the radiator cap and Voila!

Goof troop

Did I Do My Part: The Culture That Hasn’t Changed

It has been almost 3 years since I spoke publicly about the killings of my fellow black men. I utilized the hashtag #Speak4Treyvon.


After the post, I checked Instagram every 3 minutes until I reached my vanity threshold of 100 likes. I reflected for about 10 minutes about what it meant to be black in America. Then I thought… I graduated from an HBCU, I worked for 3 fortune 500 companies and I mentored kids every now and then. That would be the last time I directly addressed what was happening.

I was a role model; I had done my part.


Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia: 3 lessons to know REAL dreams from the fake

I was living a dream believing things that just ain’t true
Oh I can’t believe I ever believed in you
You had me chasing fool’s gold
I was chasing fool’s gold
I was chasing fool’s gold” – Jill Scott

Before I dive into it I want to send a huge shout out to Greg for the opportunity to be a guest blogger on his site.  He is doing a lot of awesome things and inspire me to go after it on a daily.  If you rollin with him I already know that you are good folks!

My name is Jasamine Hill (yes my name has an extra A that is silent; and no me and Greg are not related, at least I don’t think but I’ll check out Ancestry.com).  I have a blog entitled www.TheFearHurdler.com , a site that encourages folks to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of their dreams.  Even though it seems as if I have it together now trust me I haven’t always been chasing after my dreams.


A Conversation with My Father: 3 Truth’s Fear Taught Me

What is Fear?


I want to be completely honest with you today. Something has been bothering me for the last few months and I promised you when I returned to blogging last November I would always keep 100%. In the spirit of transparency, I wanted to share what’s been on my heart.

I haven’t seen my father in over 5 years and I haven’t talked to my sister in almost a year.

I go into schools, churches, boardrooms, and meetings everyday and I challenge people to go ALL IN on their dreams, passions, and goals in order to live the life they deserve. But yet two people, (One responsible for my existence, the other responsible for my confidence in my high school years) I was scared to call.

Which is why last week was one of the most amazing weeks of 2016 for me. I faced my fear and I spoke with my father and my sister.  Below I will share why I was so afraid and the 3 steps I took that allowed me to break through that fear.

Loving Yourself in The Instagram Era: 3 Steps to STOP Comparing Yourself to Others

Hey everyone! My name is Bri and I’m excited to be a guest blogger today! Over on my blog –brimckenzie.com, I talk about how I’m learning to live everyday fearlessly and inspire you to do the same. So when Greg asked me to write for him I really had to think about how I could mesh what I do with what he does…


aaaand I was drawing a blank.

What Greg does here is very centered around his life, speaking, podcasting, relationship’s, etc and I’m still in a state of hmmm… discovery with mine. Thinking back, as soon as I declared what major I wanted to pursue at orientation for my freshman year at UNCG I began my career journey.

No, but really.

I can remember what that day was like…

4 Things You Should Leave Behind in 2016: What My Most Embarrassing Moment Last Year Taught Me

Me Looking for the Exit

Me Looking for the Exit

Wednesday, April 22nd 2015. I traveled to Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina. I was tasked to deliver a speech on student leadership. 30 minutes before I was to be announced to speak I could barely move in my seat. I was not prepared to talk about leadership. I was working at Measurement Incorporated making $11 an hour grading papers and sleeping in a car. I felt like a fraud and you could see it on my face.

As she began to read my introduction I noticed something was terribly wrong. She was reading the wrong attachment. She read my press kit bio which laid out my entire life story. My depression, homelessness, time throwing parties, breakthrough’s and setback’s. When I was a young speaker that was basically my entire message I didn’t have the confidence yet in my other material. So what she shared with the audience was the exact same thing I was about to say. As they begin to clap my textbook energy and confidence completely dissolved. 5 minutes in and my mind vanished. I sat there looking at their blank faces and I wanted to run off the stage. There was no engagement, energy, nothing in that room.

Do You Look Like What You’re Looking For? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Dating

What is your Number 1 priority or goal this Year?



  • What was your Number 1 priority or goal last year?
  • Did you accomplish it? If so, how were you able to do so?
  • Did you fail? If so, what was the reason for your failure?

 (I challenge you to read no further until you have this questions answered)

Personally, my only goal this year is Consistency, but I also would love a good relationship. Beginning of this year, I told myself I wanted to be more intentional about dating. Not as intentional as creating a list of qualities I want in a wife (See 4 Things I Learned from being single), but more so internally becoming the man, boyfriend, and husband God called me to be to my future spouse.

So I came up with a list of questions I needed to ask myself before I even began to date, and I thought it would be cool to share.

The Quarter Life Crisis: 5 Things I Learned About Life after 25

In one sentence, what have you learned about life in 2015?


What was your biggest accomplishment?

What was your biggest mistake?

What were the top 3 things you learned about yourself?

(These are questions meant for you to meditate on before reading any further)

For me personally, 2015 was one of the toughest, depressing, yet encouraging and phenomenal years of my life. It’s also the year I turned 26 years old, which means I have a quarter century of wisdom (I Hope) under my belt.

In this post I  to share 5 things, I have learned about life after the age of 25. I hope this encourages you to critically evaluate your year with intention and purpose.

BUT, before I get to the post, here is a brief snippet of my 2015 year broken into quarters.