The War of Art (Black Irish Entertainment LLC, 2012)

Have you ever battled with fear, procrastination, envy, and laziness while beginning to start a new book, business, project, blog? Well then this is a book you need to snap you out of the phase and get you started!

Think and Grow Rich (Wilder Publications, 2008)

This book is the Holy Grail of motivation. The timeless and practical examples used in this book is the baseline to nearly every motivational book written. This is a MUST read for any Reader of ALL Ages.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World (2013)

For all my entrepreneurs, brand managers, or just creative people in general. BUY this book. This is the foundational crash course on how to use social media the right way on a variety of platforms. All the examples he uses through this book are from actual case studies of real companies. He also gives very practical and actionable insight from his own experience building one of Americas most powerful brandĀ marketing companies.

Accelerate Your Success: How to Create A Future and Stand Out When College is Not Enough (Success Publishing , 2012)

EJ Carrion a good friend of mine wrote this book a few years ago because so many of his peers were dissatisfied with their jobs or hopeless because they were current unemployed. I recommend this book for all High School Upperclassman and All College Students. The days of going to college automatically qualifying you for a great job and life are over and this book will guide you to make the most out of your early adult years. It is very practical with real stories about how to leverage youth youth and curiosity to create your own an amazing future regardless of if you have a 4 year degree or not.


Mastery ( Penguin Books)

This book by Robert Greene (Author of 48 Laws of Power) is a very powerful read. I will say this book is very long but he does an amazing job of illustrating what mastery is and how much effort it takes to obtain it. He uses biographical examples of some of the worlds most creative, powerful, and unique people to illustrate the measures it takes to unlock passion and create true mastery. This book is for serious readers because if you probably wont make it through the whole thing.