The Quarter Life Crisis: 5 Things I Learned About Life after 25

In one sentence, what have you learned about life in 2015?


What was your biggest accomplishment?

What was your biggest mistake?

What were the top 3 things you learned about yourself?

(These are questions meant for you to meditate on before reading any further)

For me personally, 2015 was one of the toughest, depressing, yet encouraging and phenomenal years of my life. It’s also the year I turned 26 years old, which means I have a quarter century of wisdom (I Hope) under my belt.

In this post I  to share 5 things, I have learned about life after the age of 25. I hope this encourages you to critically evaluate your year with intention and purpose.

BUT, before I get to the post, here is a brief snippet of my 2015 year broken into quarters.

4 Life Lessons I have learned from being Single

I am 26, I am single, and I am here to tell you…Being single is NOT cool, especially when you’re over 25.

I know there will be a lot of people that disagree with that statement and their typical argument is:

  1. You need time to enjoy your twenties
  2. You don’t know what you want until you’re 30
  3. I am focusing on my career and I’ll start when I get to where I need to be

The scary thing is, most of us are using similar excuses when approaching our life goals.

Please don’t be alarmed this isn’t an article about dating or finding love but I hope to share at least one thing from my journey as a single man that could help you achieve a breakthrough in your life or future relationship.

This post is for married and single folk alike so please don’t let the title scare you. I also want feedback from the married folk specifically to my Point #4.

15 Minutes of This Could Change Your Life

I don’t know about you. But ever since I graduated from college my life has been a blur. Everyday seems like Monday or Friday and years just don’t seem as full as they did when I was 13.

Take 30 seconds to think of your best summer field trip as a kid?

For you it may be easy to recall. I bet you are smiling or laughing right now thinking about it.

What if I asked you what was your best moment 3 weeks ago? Could you remember?

As we get older we realize life is 96% ordinary and 4% magical moments and accomplishments. Which is why sometimes I have felt unfulfilled with life regardless of if I was moving towards my goals. So I told myself I have to acknowledge every week from here on out.

Then every Sunday via social media I would do a recap of my week pertaining to various things that transpired, lessons learned, and a takeaway. I noticed doing that every Sunday had a very positive effect on me. I started to be happier, receive more encouragement, and people would contact me with ideas and suggestions on the things I listed.

Capture 2

Then I thought, what if everyone had a reflection partner or group that chatted once a week about their life. So after 7 takes on Sunday I recorded my reflections (listen via sound cloud below) and charted a plan to encourage other people to start their own group. Below is  my proposal to you.

Please Note: If you already reflect often and access where your at in regards to your goals, health, happiness etc then this post may not be a value add for you. So check back  in next week where I discuss some issues and seek feedback on being single in your mid twenties.

But If you currently don’t reflect on you’re goals or life often, are kinda unhappy on where you are in life right now, or just want to know about my week then keep reading.


4 Tip’s to Turn a Hopeless Year to Hopeful

Before I begin. I know it has been almost a year since I have made a blog post, Instagram post, Facebook post, etc. But! Guess what



I should have written this post three months ago. I battled for a while about how long this post would be. I almost broke it into a series but I decided to let my thoughts from the last 11 months flow into one post. I had so much to say, so many things to share, and so many things I wanted to explain. After a summer spent on the road speaking, making television appearances, being highlighted in local newspapers and magazines, and the release of my first book, I thought I had arrived. Then all of a sudden I went on an 11 month journey of silence, self-reflection, and growth.

If you have ever had a time in your life where you’re outer appearance and situation didn’t correlate to your interior, then I bet you can relate.

Over the last 11 months I have received dozens of calls, texts and Facebook messages asking the same message;

  • Where have you been? Are you Ok?
  • Why am I not getting morning messages anymore?
  • Are you still running?
  • Are you alive?

image1 (1)

8 Tips to Enter 2015 with Momentum NOT Resolution’s

It’s December 2nd, which means we are a month away from a New Year. Each year on January 1st or few days prior you probably make a few resolutions and embark on a new year with vision, energy, and action. Well below I listed as few tip so you can finish THIS year strong and make 2015 your best year to date.



8 Tips for a Great 2014 Finish

11 Things I Wish I had Done before 25

Last week I turned 25 and I just wanted to share a few things that have been on my heart. These things made me the person I am today but I am all about transparency, so I wanted to showcase a few things I probably could have done differently.





Top 11 Regrets

1.    I wish I never got a credit card

I immediately maxed out 3 credit cards’ to fund Join Me Entertainment (My first business) events. I just paid them off last February.

2. I wish my first kiss happened BEFORE 12th grade

Getting my first kiss in 12th grade was a gift in a curse. Unlike most kids my age I never went to parties or hung out much in middle school. I just read books, played basketball, and played video games. The curse was my first 2 years in college I did NOT know how to act.

4 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book

I am writing this post because I am fed up!

Chapter Titles For My Book

Chapter Titles For My Book


This post is for all you SHOULD BE authors out there who have amazing stories, ideas, and ways of thinking who are not doing anything to share their message. It’s time for you to write a book. This post will tell you why you should & HOW.

I know what your thinking. How is this guy going to tell me how to write a book and the only thing he has written is a E-Book.


My first book is launching November 13th, 2014 and the title, cover art, etc wil be launched on October 13, 2014.

How to Incorporate Music into Presentations (Tactfully)

I speak allot. So I just wanted to start sharing brief clips and photo’s from my events. This clip was from an event at Research Triangle Charter Academy in Durham, NC. I was discussing making wise decisions on social media. We had a role play exercise and the student below (ME) obviously did not get the job at Google.


Tip For Speakers: If you are going to include music in your presentation. Please make sure you do it creatively!