15 Minutes of This Could Change Your Life

I don’t know about you. But ever since I graduated from college my life has been a blur. Everyday seems like Monday or Friday and years just don’t seem as full as they did when I was 13.

Take 30 seconds to think of your best summer field trip as a kid?

For you it may be easy to recall. I bet you are smiling or laughing right now thinking about it.

What if I asked you what was your best moment 3 weeks ago? Could you remember?

As we get older we realize life is 96% ordinary and 4% magical moments and accomplishments. Which is why sometimes I have felt unfulfilled with life regardless of if I was moving towards my goals. So I told myself I have to acknowledge every week from here on out.

Then every Sunday via social media I would do a recap of my week pertaining to various things that transpired, lessons learned, and a takeaway. I noticed doing that every Sunday had a very positive effect on me. I started to be happier, receive more encouragement, and people would contact me with ideas and suggestions on the things I listed.

Capture 2

Then I thought, what if everyone had a reflection partner or group that chatted once a week about their life. So after 7 takes on Sunday I recorded my reflections (listen via sound cloud below) and charted a plan to encourage other people to start their own group. Below is  my proposal to you.

Please Note: If you already reflect often and access where your at in regards to your goals, health, happiness etc then this post may not be a value add for you. So check back  in next week where I discuss some issues and seek feedback on being single in your mid twenties.

But If you currently don’t reflect on you’re goals or life often, are kinda unhappy on where you are in life right now, or just want to know about my week then keep reading.