5 Reasons Why Committing Your Goals to Writing Can Change Your Life

What would you do if you had a 100% chance of achieving your goals?

Leap Year 3


Stats (Harvard MBA Study)

·       84% of the people in the US have no specific goal

·       13% have goals but they are not written down

·       3% have clear and written goals

After Graduation they polled the 13% that had goals and there were making twice as much as those without goals.

When they polled the 3% with written and clear goals they were making 10 times as much money as those without goals.

Here is my FOOL proof plan t0 $100,000 in a year


Number 1 Reason: Write Down Your Goal’s

Over the Last Year I have transformed my life by using this principle. These are some of the goals I wrote:

1. Launch Gregehill.com by 12/15

I ended up launching this website on July 21st 2014. Which was 8 months behind the due date and a full year after I decided to have a website. Although I didn’t make the deadline I was able to see it through.

2. Host First NCAT YPAC Initiative by 9/24/2014

I ended up hosting the first initiative on March 4th, 2014.

YPACandAttendees41214 (1)

Special Thanks to YPAC


3. Host Successful Basketball Camp

Crazy. Before we had a website, platform, anything I put this on paper and (watch below) it came to fruition.

4. Run 1 Marathon by September 24th 2014

I will be running the marathon on September 13th !! I registered 6 months ago to ensure I would do it.

5. Get 1,000 Facebook likes/ 3,000 Instagram Followers/ 7,000 twitter followers by 9/24/2014

Currently I am sitting at 1070 Facebook likes, 2700 Instagram followers and 6700 twitter when I was typing this up I was sitting on 673 Facebook likes, 1300 Instagram followers, and 7000 twitter (I lost 300 lol). The intent of getting followers is not for the numbers to look good. But to spread the core message of Belief, Hope, and Strategy pays off.

image (2)



5 Key Reasons to WRITE down Your Goals

1.     Writing down your goals allows you to filter opportunities

As new opportunities and ideas pop into your head AND your schedule having set goals will allow you to filter which things you should include and which things you should not.

2.     It holds you accountable and facilitates action

Once you see the goals on paper they will allow you to create a realistic checklist. This way you can check the list off as you go, and this will encourage you to keep pursuing the goals that you currently plus greater goals in the future.

3.     It will allow you to celebrate progress

You can’t celebrate how far you have come or even the little steps if you have no written down goals. That’s what makes things fun and allows your mind to enjoy the hard work that its doing to create them.

4.     It clarifies your circle of influence

If your goals are big and bold you have to do a careful assumption of whether or not your current group of friends will allow you to reach those goals. If not, then you need to find the right group of people, online or in person to allow you to reach your goals.

5.     It gives you a framework for success

Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Sean Carter all didn’t just wake up and became famous, wealthy, or influencers. They planned with intent the lives they wanted to create. So writing down your goals will allow you to manifest the life you want to live.

How I am Going to Make $100,000

I am going to show you on September 24th my 25th Birthday my Goals for 2015. Including my financial forecast for the year. I want you to hold me accountable.



Extra: (Here is a *Framework I use and Teach to People writing there goals)

S.M.A.R.T Goals

•       S- Specific – (Get really specific about exactly what you want to achieve)

Bad: I want to make more money

Good: I want to be make $20,000 more dollars this year

•       M- Measureable (Make it measurable so you can track progress and results)

Bad: I want to lose weight

Good: I want to lost 10 lbs. within the next 3 months

•       A- Actionable (Stop being vague, make your goals actionable so you can ACT)

Bad: I want to practice more regularly

Good: I want to practice 4 times per week

•       R – Realistic (I don’t believe in being realistic BUT take it step by step)

Bad: I want to average 35 points per game

Good: I want to increase my points per game by 7 points

•       T – Time bound (MOST important Step)

Bad: I want to travel to Europe

Good: I am going to travel to Europe September 1rst, 2015

*Framework is not mine originally. Although examples are


You want to change your life. Create Goals. Write them down. Take Action. And review them every day.

BONUS: Click Here to Download my ACTUAL Action Plan  I Used (Click the word Action plan)


Question: What is your 1 big goal for the remainder of the year? And how do you plan on reaching it? Please leave your reply in the comment section below by Clicking here.


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  • Ashley

    Definitely plan to organize my thoughts, goals and dreams into a more organized form like this. Thanks for sharing! Examples are great for application! Much appreciated! ☺

    • No prob @disqus_9quhaCr9R9:disqus. Can you share what your 1 goal is for 2014?

      • Ashley

        Bring at least one person to Christ, sincerely & make the Dean’s List 😉

  • Jeremy Jerome

    I completely agree with this post! All of the goals and visions that I had, I wrote them down and they manifested themselves. I was able to elevate my lifestyle and my career in the past 2 years that I’ve had this practice in effect.

    I started writing these things down because I was tired of how stagnant my life was and a Bible verse was revealed to me that changed my life forever. Here it is:

    English Standard Version
    And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.

    Habakkuk 2:2

    • DEEP!

      Wait… I have never seen that scripture at all. Thansk for the share.

      Question @jeremy_jerome:disqus whats your one goal for the remainder of the year?

  • Kamaria Ellerbe

    Wisdom! Writing/documenting your specific goals and progression truly is the first step in physically manifesting your aim. It’s really neat to see exactly how you did it, and now being able to see the results really gives me the confidence to be patient as I wait on my season, and enough hope to keep executing.
    For the rest of 2014 my main goal is to go to sleep every night before 2am (yes that’s a challenging feat for me lol). I’ve realized that a lot of other factors in my life I can control by proper decision making in the moment. I’ve had enough trial and errors to know by now what I need and need not to be doing, however it is apparent that our critical thinking skills and emotions are affected when we don’t get proper rest; Thus, making sleep my prerogative. I’ve started journaling before bed as well, so I when I sign out my daily entries, I can start marking the time I go to bed to track my sleeping schedule.
    And I’m happy to say that I went to sleep at 10pm last night .. *high fives

    • LETS GO! I am constantly amazed by your growth. And That is a good goal. I love you “why” behind it. Do you have an accountability partner to help you on that journey? @kamariaellerbe:disqus

  • Locka

    This is it right here -> You want to change your life. Create Goals. Write them down. Take Action. And review them every day.


    • YURP!

      Whats your 1 Goal for end of 2014 @disqus_L4IZWxv6mi:disqus ?

  • Malcolm Miller

    I will be graduating on December 13, 2014 and I will have at least two job offers.

    I also wanted to apply to graduate school but I haven’t pushed myself in that area (like I should have or started to). I’ve been struggling to determine what it is I really want to do. But the best thing I can do right now is make sure I pass all of my classes and walk across that stage in December. Once that is done, things will be clearer. I am sure.

    • CLAIM IT. But I would advise to start applying now. And I would also get more definite about the grad school plan’s if that is an area you wish to go in. Rememeber to claim it and then make steps towards it. @disqus_kEW8X6msMh:disqus. Thanks for the comment

      • Malcolm Miller

        I will start looking at grad school stuff more seriously. And I don’t play around, I have 3 interviews next week!

  • Brandon

    Great post. Dreams + Plans = Breakthrough!!! Most people are nervous of failing… let go of that fear and you can focus on achieving your dreams. One of my goals is to submit my application and start my Masters Degree by September 2015. Now that it’s defined… now it’s time to execute!

    • LETS go. I couldn’t have set it better myself. Thats BIG!

  • Good luck man!

    • Thanks brother. I def want to right a feature on your company soon. Or maybe a behind the scenes interview when I come to NY. WOuld love to get updates brother @doriandargan:disqus

  • Dominic J

    Solid post, I also recommend a vision board

    • Guest

      Your right. That was a great addition to! How has your vision board helped you @dominic J ?

    • Your right. How has a Vision board helped you @disqus_kHsujFWA7F:disqus ?

  • Bro, this could have come at a better time. I have been putting goals together for the rest of the year and this post is spot on. This helped me enhance the goals and add realistic timelines on everything I have going on right now.

    To answer your question: One goal I have is to host an exhibit of my photography work at the end of October for a small group of people. You are definitely invited if you can make it. ;D

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