Greg Hill TV- Episode 1: Burn The Ships

Greg Hill TV is my personal Youtube page where I will talk about a broad range of topics, what I am working on, tips for the week etc. I may even do interviews. My first episode is a video about why I quit my job in Corporate America.

I also discuss some the One thing you MUST do when Life throws you a curve ball.


Question: What do you do when life throws you a Curveball? Please Comment Below


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  • Malcolm Miller

    A lot of times we try too hard to make the right/appropriate decision. When life throws you a curveball I think you should follow your heart, wherever it takes you. Life is too short to be wishing you were doing something else; have to make dreams reality.

  • Sarah Theri

    I step right back up to the plate more focused than before and swing like hell. Lifes curve balls are ment to intimidate you but I will not back down.

  • Ben Imbolo

    thank you for the knowledge! Life is fool as curves as I have found out this summer where it seemed like nothing was going right. But in the mist of it the Lord thought me to never settle for anything nor get ahead of myself.

    • ALWAYS young brother. Call me anytime today I am free all day mostly. @benimbolo:disqus

  • Khourtne D’Angelo Whitted

    Curve balls occur when that is what your attracting in your life. Most people make the common mistake of reacting to curve balls as opposed to responding to them. Reaction is habit, in order to respond you have to think.

    • Thats powerful. Wow. SO curve balls dont just come. They are attracted. Reaction and responding are two different things. Never thought about it like that. Its deep

  • Timothy Campbell-Allen

    I definitely agree with the message here. As someone who has also taken a handful of curve balls in life, I can say that keeping faith in your abilities and true desires will help you to go a long way. STAYING POSITIVE (although often harder said than done) breeds more positivity. Faith in yourself and whomever your God may be will always steer you in the right direction. Even if you have no idea what direction that might be just yet.

  • Tiffany Carson

    Curve balls are annoying! Like seriously you do all this strategic planning then life spins you in a complete 360 without warning. Recently, I’ve dealt with several curve balls my senior year of college. I was that student who was DETERMINED NOT to be the one who didn’t have a plan after graduation.So, I deleted my Instagram, resigned from my SGA position and sacrificed my involvement in student organizations. I became ghost and got focused. I set out a strict study schedule to balance out my 18 hrs and GRE study time…I applied to 10 graduate schools and spent OVER $1,000 on school apps and GRE prep courses. Yes $1,000!! & for any college student that is an extensive amount of money!… I got rejected to 9 schools and accepted into 1. But due to financial issues and a host of other “curve balls” within this curve ball I was not able
    to attend that school. I was devastated because I spent so much time “planning” and money. I was in the exact situation I prayed not to be in… I did not have a plan after graduation -____- It was a hard pill to swallow when you worked so hard and did everything that you were supposed to do, plus more. Then to see all my peers get into school, except me…ughh. I was in my feelings lol I knew I was just as qualified…. “Why me” but I had to take a step back, stop playing the victim and really digest the situation.

    Out of everyone I was the only ONE who didn’t get in. I was the chosen ONE. Lol I began to change my perspective and realize that God had a better plan for me than I did myself … I needed to trust his plan/ his timing. In essence curve balls are blessings in disguise and it is God’s way of testing your faith. You say you trust God, best believe he is going to test you. So no matter how annoying curve balls are they are necessary to grow closer to him. I gave God my whole heart and I believe that he will lead my path to where I need to be. I may have lost money but I have gained peace of mind knowing that God has given me purpose and his plan is far better than mine…
    I can’t wait to see what he has in store for my life 🙂

    • My Goodness. I want to delete this and turn this into a Blog Post. THIS IS POWERFUL.

      SHeesh. Mattter fact I will. @disqus_IsscyT0yzJ:disqus. Will contact you soon.

      Thanks for being so open and transparent