Flashback Friday (August 8th, 2011)

Fall of 2009 me and my Brother Julian Love founded a company that would change my life forever. It took me to a very unhumbled place, but I always knew my calling. I surrounded myself with people and always knew the important of a strong team. (Quick Note: Start before you’re ready!). These experiences led me to a book, life longs friends, many disappointments, and I loved it all. This video was at my peek unhumbleness (if that’s a word). Please enjoy & laugh!

Flashback Friday (8/11/2011) from Greg E Hill on Vimeo.

Special Thanks to Sterling, Will, Jayvon, Huti, Keon, Ms.Gunn, Theron, Hester, Richard, Star, Shannon. Keisha, Jordan, Basha, Griff, Zokpia, Aaron, Kayla, Triek, Akeilah, Tim Noble, Hannah, Kay. Love yall!

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