Episode 14: Unemployed with $50 and a Dream to Forbes 30 under 30 w/ Travel Noire Founder Zim Ugochukwu

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In this Episode, Minority Trailblazer Zim Ugochukwu shares;

  • How she built this enterprise with just $50
  • How she built her brand to over 180,000 followers
  • How to find cheap Travel Options
  • and much much more

Perfect show to share with;

  • Entrepreneurs
  • World Travelers and ASPIRING World Travelers
  • People that love positive, transparent, and actionable conversations with World Changers

Information About Zim Ugochukwu:

Less than 3 years ago, Zim launched Travel Noire, a rapidly growing online platform dedicated to helping unconventional travelers discover their journey. From dreaming up a new destination to planning how to get there, to maximizing your experience while there, Travel Noire is creating a suite of products to help consumers travel better, farther and cheaper than ever before! In a relatively short amount of time, Travel Noire has become the “gold standard” in black travel. In her previous life, she was an activist, genetic researcher & Henry Luce Scholar, and currently uses the skills that she gained in the corporate world to lead an audience in the tens of thousands, on a mission to verbally and visually obliterate stereotypes about black travel. She was named one of Glamour Magazine’s “20 Amazing Young Women Changing the World” and has been featured in the Huffington Post, Ebony, New York Times, The Nation, Black Enterprise and most recently Forbe’s 30 under 30! Zim’s talents and experiences allow her to see the bigger picture and implement projects that not only spark creativity, but encourage people to live life beyond their borders.

Zim’s Favorite Quote

To live life in crescendo is to constantly look forward. It means that your greatest work, and contribution, is always ahead of you.”- Kevin Hall

Zim’s Favorite Book

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

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  • Ericka Shonta Williams

    North Carolina is AMAZING.. I am so sorry she had a bad experience. Durham is kinda rough. UNCG represent! WOW 20 year old scientist. lived on a train in india. easyjet dot com life. wow airlines and easy jet are your best friend. I am going to Naples italy from DC in end of may for about 300 dollars each way. Iceland, Paris, and Canada on deck summer 2016. education is via… send your kids to community college for trades so they can make 50-80k a year and if they want 4 year degrees go back. its ok to be weird and quirky.. group think..is dangerous at times. having a mental map seeing people like you doing things makes you realize what is possible. consumerism is a american thing that makes collect things and not experiences.

    • Thanks for the engagement and insight @erickashontawilliams:disqus. I hope you enjoyed the show!

  • Miatta Williams

    I’m new the the podcast wave, but I have been a huge fan of Travel Noire well before it was in the spotlight! This episode was informative, real and very motivational. Speaking as a fellow first-generation American (Sierra Leone, stand up!), I can definitely relate to chasing my parents’ dream before my own. Now that I have earned my Master’s degree and am trying to infiltrate the professional world, I teeter between (finally) being true to my dreams and initiating my own business ventures versus taking a safe and lucrative corporate job. Zim, THANK YOU for being so rooted in your endeavors and inspiring like-minded young African American people to crescendo and keep reaching! I love travel, entrepreneurship, books and my heritage; so I deeply relate to your story. And of course, Greg, thank YOU for creating this platform to highlight the active culture changes that are taking place in real time. You have a great thing going! Balance, blessings and kudos to the both of you!