Ep 39: Apps over Consulting: From Princeton to Wharton to Turning Down 7 Figure Offers w/Muoyo Okome

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In this Episode, Minority Trailblazer Muoyo Okome shares;

  • How getting rejected from every consulting job was a blessing
  • Why he rejected a 7 figure offer to buy his app design company
  • How he was able to generate over 10 million downloads on his app
  • and much much more

Information About Muoyo Okome:

Muoyo Okome is host of the Daily Spark Podcast and founder of the Daily Spark Entrepreneur Community, a fast-growing online community dedicated to the empowerment, education & support of entrepreneurs. He has previously started, grown, and sold a mobile gaming company and runs several businesses in the mobile, online & e-commerce spaces.

A career-long technology professional and alumnus of the Princeton University (BA) and The Wharton School (MBA), his prior experience includes software engineering, consulting, and business management roles at companies such as Microsoft & IBM.

Muoyo Okome’s Favorite Quote

“Hardwork does not kill, it is poverty that kills ”- African Proverb

Muoyo Okome’s Favorite Books

The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen

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Muoyo Okome on Huffington Post (How App Set Me Free)

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  • Civilla1

    Wow! I’m sitting here, it’s a Monday afternoon, and I’m listening to this episode while I work. And thinking ‘this is so me!’ The working for people who are most likely jealous of your knowledge, your education, even your positive attitude and energy. It brought back memories, even bringing tears to my eyes. This was a great episode, a great way for me to start my week. Thank you!

    • Awe man. Thanks so much for the feedback. I coudnt stop laughing and thinking deeply about what Muoyo shared doing the interview. Glad the podcast was able to help in some capacity @disqus_loQuIBc2rf:disqus

      • Civilla1

        You’re welcome Gregory Hill! Keep up the great work!

  • Dmont

    His discussions about his PWI is spot on. Everything he said is exactly what I’ve experienced and how I’ve felt the past 4 years.

    • Yea brother. I am forever grateful about my commitment to an HBCU an undergrad. I dont think its talked about enough. I could only imagine the struggles brothers an sisters of colors face at PWI. At least you are almost out of there bro @disqus_sTzpvlnLaE:disqus

  • Curious Munya

    Great podcast and thanks for sharing this story.

  • Change the Culture! What an excellent Podcast. It was long YET enlightening. I appreciate the information as I begin my start-up business with a better understanding of my purpose, my mission and my goals. Thanks http://www.memoirsof2165.com