Episode 42:From Chicago to MIT to Palo Alto: Building Relationships, Skill & Creativity w/Quinnton Harris

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In this Episode, Minority Trailblazer Quinnton Harris shares;

  • How he made it out of the West Side of Chicago to MIT
  • The difference between talent & skill and how to grow both
  • The 3 elements he used to maintain the 6 year long relationship with his fiance
  • 4 Keys to fuel creativity & maintain consistency
  • and much much more

Information About Quinnton Harris:

Quinnton is a multi-disciplinary designer & artist living in San Mateo, California with his life partner Ariel Belgrave. He grew up in Maywood, IL and graduated with honors from MIT in 2011. He has a twin brother named Neko Harris, and an older brother named Shaun Wright.

He comes from a rich legacy of artists, musicians, and storytellers, many of whom settled on the west side of Chicago. At age 16, his life seemingly started down a different path, one that had him feeling distant from my roots. However, the Institute taught him to see my trajectory not as a misstep, but as an evolution of the family creed. he learned balance which nurtured the mantra— I am the artist and the technologist, the voice and the hand.

He designs product at Walker and Company Brands which many of you may know as Bevel, which is a movement focused on making health and beauty simple for people that share his heritage.

Quinnton’s Favorite Quote

“Don’t let your gifts get ahead of your character”- Unknown

Quinnton’s Favorite Book

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

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