Episode 44: Manifesting Your Destiny Through Breakdowns & Breakthroughs w/Kimberly Brown

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In this Episode, Minority Trailblazer Kim shares;

  • How and why honesty and integrity can take you farther than talent
  • How to overcome relationship hurdles and gain clarity after breakdowns
  • How to build your brand online for beginners
  • and much much more

Information About Kimberly Brown:

Kimberly Brown is the Founder of ManifestYourself.com. She’s always had a strong passion for writing as a form of self-expression, so blogging is something she’s been involved with well before it became “a thing”. In addition to working on M.Y., Kimberly has worked in career services at various colleges for 6+ years, and also has experience in admissions and retail banking. She is currently the Associate Director of Employer Outreach at Princeton University. She holds a B.S. in Marketing and M.S. in Counseling from Long Island University, so M.Y. has become the perfect merger of her skills and interests. She currently resides just outside of New York City in Central New Jersey.

Information about Manifest Yourself:

Manifest Yourself is all about doing more, being more, and achieving more. With a background in marketing, finances, and career development, Kimberly Brown merges all of these areas to provide personal + professional development coaching and workshops. From one one one coaching to group workshops, to keynotes for larger scale events – she loves to engage and inspire others. Key topics have included: creating a 90 day action plan, creating a vision for your life, in-person vision board events, navigating your personal career path, and more. It’s all customizable to the needs of you or your organization

Kim’s Favorite Quote

” You Must believe in yourself and your vision when you do this you will manifest the life you desire”-Oprah

Kim’s Favorite Book

Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser

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