Episode 46: Accepting the Sacrifice: Building the ESPN of Comedy w/Jon Williams of ComedyHype.com

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In this Episode, Minority Trailblazer Jon shares;

  • How he started comedyhype.com
  • How not to let success go to your head
  • Why social media following doesn’t always convert into customers
  • and much much more

Information About Jonathan Williams:

Jonathan is an Atlanta-based entrepreneur who first dabbled with web design at 22. The self-taught visionary has since created a digital platform, ComedyHype.Com, that focuses solely on comedy and the entertainers who make us laugh. He credits his early awareness of the Internet’s influence in comedy to Comedy Hype’s mega success.Through many sleepless nights of studying HTML coding, he tweaked ComedyHype.Com into a mobile-friendly platform with an ability to adapt to the ongoing changes of technology. People are getting most of their laughs online and Jonathan hopes his platform can be at the forefront of distribution in that field. Now an expert in comedy within the digital realm, Jonathan also designs, develops, consults, speaks and writes about building websites for comedians


Jon’s Favorite Quote

“Trust the process”-Unknown

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