Ep 47: Your Dream Isn’t for Everybody: Finding Balance & Focus w/ Actor, Keon Mitchell

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In this Episode, Minority Trailblazer Keon shares;

  • How he landed his first role in a major film
  • What it likes auditioning against thousands of others for a role
  • How to find focus and inner peace when chasing a dream most don’t understand
  • and much much more

Information About Keon Mitchell:

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, he has been was always intrigued by the art of acting and has always been in love with the camera. In 3rd grade, Keon joined his elementary concert band. There, he learned to play the alto saxophone, in which he carried with him all the way to Southwest Dekalb High School where he joined the band. During his high school career, he remained on the Honor Roll and remained a part of many different organizations, such as the band and the step team. These activities required him to put on a show and express his vibrant personality. Throughout life, he has always studied the craft of many different actors that inspired him. This caused his curiosity for the entertainment industry to peak at high levels.

He graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. There, he majored in Computer Science in the College of Engineering. During his senior year, Keon’s acting bug finally got the best of him, and he enrolled in acting for non-acting majors at NC A&T. Through this class, his inspiration to become a big screen actor rapidly grew. Post-graduation, he joined the Raleigh Little Theatre in Raleigh, NC with the intention of signing up for acting classes, but instead he was recommended for a play called “Mirandy and Brother Wind,” where he played the lead character “Brother Wind”. He later moved to Charlotte, NC where he was accepted into the Carolina Talent Agency. He has made his first national appearance in an ESPN commercial for the high school football league. This gave him the momentum to pursue his dreams of becoming a part of the next generation of big screen actors. With his most recent role being in Almost Christmas as the Young Danny Glover

Keon’s Favorite Quote

“Either grow through it or go through it”-Unknown

Keon’s Favorite Book

Building a Character by Constantin Stanislavski

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