Episode 64: Elevated Politics: Owning Your Responsibility to Greatness w/Lobbyist, Lauren Bealore

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In this Episode, Minority Trailblazer Lauren shares;

  • How to become a lobbyist
  • How she developed her own Women’s Empowerment group
  • The importance of staying aware of politics and how to do so
  • and much much more

Information About Lauren:

Lauren is currently the Corporate Relations and Events Manger for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, a national political lobbying organization that focuses on protecting conservation issues by holding elected officials accountable. Lauren is also an appointed and elected official, serving as a City Commissioner for the City of Southfield’s Total Living Commission and Precinct Delegate for Precinct 19 of the City of Southfield. In addition, Lauren is the Co-Founder of Y.A.B., an organization that operates as a venture conglomerate to support women of color in business.

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