Episode 69:Own Your Difference:From 15k First Month As Voice Actor to Bouncer to Freedom w/Kareem Taylor

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In this Episode, Minority Trailblazer Kareem shares;

  • How You can turn your Fate into Fortune
  • How he made it in the Voice Acting Industry
  • What it was like Meeting P Diddy
  • and much much more

Information About Kareem:

Kareem Taylor is a writer, voiceover actor and entrepreneur. Since 2010, he has worked across many facets of entertainment marketing— from production to voiceover to business development. Currently, he runs Pubby Buddy, a content marketing agency. He’s also a contributing editor for PromaxBDA’s Daily Brief out of Los Angeles.

As a voiceover actor, Kareem was noted by the Atlanta Journal Constitution as “one of the youngest and most successful voiceover actors” with clients including Toyota, CNN, UFC and AT&T.

His motivational book, Get Your Life: The Transforming Power of Turning Fate Into Fortune spent weeks on the Amazon bestseller list in its category. He speaks often to audiences across the globe from New York to London to Johannesburg on storytelling in the digital age. Kareem earned his BA in Film in 2010 from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kareem’s Favorite Quote

“Suffering is Suffering”- Victor E. Frank

Kareem’s Favorite Book;

A Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor E. Frank

Programs Mentioned By Kareem:

Promo Pathway

Art Start

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Encounter Retreat

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