Episode 85: Maximize Your Struggle: Taking the Driver Seat of Your Life w/ Linnita Hosten

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In this Episode, Minority Trailblazer Linnita shares;

  • How she got selected to one of the biggest speaking agencies in the US
  • How to overcome ego and pride
  • How she was able to get out of debt and a bad relationship
  • and much much more

Information About Linnita Hosten:

The award-winning keynote speaker and college success enthusiast is the author of The College Strategy- a roadside kit, coaching students to max out the college experience, generate competitive advantage and enter the interstate of life AFTER college in full gear.

Linnita’s work with students began as a recreation summer camp counselor and expanded through numerous roles to include a cheerleading coach, private tutor, resident assistant, orientation team leader, college advisor, personal mentor and college professor.

Linnita’s passion for steering students in the their lane of success, birthed The Driver Seat concept. Seeing students completing their college experience in neutral – lacking direction and momentum, created an opportunity for Linnita to reprint a new driver’s manual.

This time, leading the discussion with hazardous conditions, distractions, inclement weather and how these conditions can impact the student experience.

Currently, the edutainer provides content-packed and researched based empowerment programing for organizations, universities and community groups.

With over 400 hours of presentation delivery, Linnita has been referred and/or rebooked to speak to hundreds of high school/college students, United States Army soldiers, Job Corp participants, and many other notable organizations, schools and community groups.

Linnita received a bachelors of science degree in Mass Communication from Towson University and a masters of science degree in Nonprofit Management and Association Leadership from the University of Maryland, University College.

In her spare time, Linnita enjoys the company of her favorite college mentee—her sister, Makenzie

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