Episode 86: Producing Big Ideas with Limited Resources w/Myca Williamson

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In this Episode, Minority Trailblazer Myca shares;

  • How she was able to get her magazine off the ground in less than a year
  • The essentials of building a team in a production ecosystem
  • How to maximize your ideas with a limited budget
  • and much much more

Information About Myca Williamson:

She is a journalist, entrepreneur and lifelong student who’s passionate about storytelling, style and connecting with other happy humans.

In 2015, she started F.A.S.H (fashnforward.com), a production company that specializes in makeup artistry, photography, styling and model development. In 2017, we launched Forward Magazine. This biannual publication is dedicated to providing exposure for our freelance models while having authentic discussions about issues we believe everyone cares about.

She is also the journalism teacher at North Garland High School, where I teach intro to journalism and advise the newspaper, yearbook and broadcast staffs.

Find Myca here;

Mycha Instagram
Forward Magazine

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