Episode 91:Find the Solution:The Journey from Nike Signed Dancer to Animation Company CEO w/Kymberlee Jay

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In this Episode, Minority Trailblazer Kymberlee shares;

  • How she became one of the Nike’s first signed UK professional dancer
  • How she started her animation company after having no background in tech
  • How you can maximize your time and revenue as a freelancer
  • and much much more

Information About Kymberlee Jay:

She is a powerhouse in the world of creative entrepreneurship and professional dance. She started out as a dancer for Madonna before working as a choreographer. As a professional dancer, she has worked alongside high profile artists and brands in every aspect of the industry (television, pop promo, live events, theatre, advertising, and education),

Nowadays she runs DoodleDirect which is a fast-moving visual communications firm that makes slick animated videos to boost companies’ internal and external communications.

DoodleDirect has done work for major clients like Knight Frank, Vauxhall, and the Food Standards Agency, and its success was acknowledged a few months ago when Jay won the Arts and Media Rising Star award at the 2017 Black British Business Awards.

Find Kymberlee here;

Kymberlee’s Company Website

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Her Coaches Website-> www.matthewkimberley.com

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