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The Minority Trailblazer is a weekly podcast dedicated to minorities who are blazing a trail in business & in life. My goal is to share their stories in hopes to inspire, educate, and ultimately encourage others to live with purpose and passion.


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Podcast Archive
# Title Released
93 Dreams or Doubts:The Journey to Clarity through Wristbands, Popcorn & Australia w/Peter Dutton 09/28/2018
92 You Are Worthy of Wealth: My Journey to 8 Rental Properties and Beyond w/Kendra Barnes 09/21/2018
91 Find the Solution:The Journey from Nike Signed Dancer to Animation Company CEO w/Kymberlee Jay 09/13/2018
90 From Homeless, 520lb College Dropout to Private Equity Attorney w/ Seth C. Pearson 09/06/2018
89 Be Willing to Change: Chasing Your Dreams as a Single Mother w/Kim Palmer 08/30/2018
88 Stop Negotiating Your Happiness:Thriving in Motherhood, Business & Purpose w/ Vernisha Crawford 08/23/2018
87 You’re The One You’ve Been Waiting On: Protecting Black Genius w/Dr.William Jackson 08/16/2018
86 Producing Big Ideas with Limited Resources w/Myca Williamson 08/09/2018
85 Maximize Your Struggle: Taking the Driver Seat of Your Life w/ Linnita Hosten 08/02/2018
84 Growing Where You’re Planted w/Julian Love, CFO of St Hope Academy 07/26/2018
83 Give Yourself a Chance: The Journey From English Teacher to Dentistry w/ Craig McKie 07/19/2018
82 First Day Out: The Shame of Failure & The Power of Community w/ Greg E. Hill 07/12/2018
81 (Special Conference Edition): My First Year as a Professional Speaker w/ Darryl Bellamy Jr. 11/30/2017
80 How One Senior Turned Rejection into 11 Job Offers & $40,000 Hackathon Prize w/ Brandon Long 11/20/2017
79 Skill over Talent: From $9.90 & No Tech Background to a 6 Figure Web Business w/Daniel Griggs 11/13/2017
78 Defining Your Own Success w/ Mandy Bowman of The Official Black Wall Street 11/04/2017
77 Accepting Your Reality: Self Advocating for your Career, Relationships, and Yourself w/Victoria Jenn Rodriguez 10/19/2017
76 (Special CLT Live Edition): Building Healthy Business, Fitness & Life Habits w/Desmond Scott 10/13/2017
75 (Special Live New York Edition): Get What You Deserve w/Abu Fofanah & Ariel Lopez 10/09/2017
74 Value over Visibility:The Unapologetic Truth about Brand Building w/Andrew Nguyen 09/22/2017
73 From West Point to Wall Street: Building Financial Wellness the Right Way w/Benjamin Pitts 09/14/2017
72 Funding Startups, Breaking Stereotypes & Reclaiming Your Seat at the Table w/Anastacia Gordon 09/07/2017
71 Late Registration: College Dropout turned Tech GirlBoss w/Ariel Lopez, Founder of 2020 Shift 08/31/2017
70 One Connection Away: The Road from Compton to Wall Street to C-Suite w/Darryn Lee 08/24/2017
69 Own Your Difference:From 15k First Month As Voice Actor to Bouncer to Freedom w/Kareem Taylor 07/27/2017
67 From Rural Town to Duke to NASA to BBQ Pitmaster w/Rocket Scientist, Dr.Howard Conyers 06/17/2017
66 Your Dreams Are Urgent: Creating an Authentic Brand that Motivates w/Shinjini Das 06/16/2017
65 The Power of Purpose Mixed with Passion & a Princeton Degree w/ Rana Campbell 06/08/2017
64 Elevated Politics: Owning Your Responsibility to Greatness w/Lobbyist, Lauren Bealore 06/01/2017
63 A Single Fathers Journey to Change Through Books & Anime w/ Louie McClain of Melanin Origins 05/25/2017
62 Black America, Where to Now? w/ Marcus Bass 05/18/2017
61 Conversations We Never Have? Creating Events That Matter w/Gabrielle Jones of Rielle Events 05/11/2017
60 Healthy Looks Different on Everybody: Building Brands, Health & Confidence w/Chelsea Williams 05/04/2017
59 How to Stay Motivated Regardless of The Results w/Justin Shaifer of Fascinate Sci 04/27/2017
58 Don’t Limit Your Expectations: From NCCU to Harvard Medical School w/Dr.Stephen Allsop 04/20/2017
57 Are You Just Existing? 7 years of Risk, Film & Discovery w/ Cinematographer, Dominic Jones 04/13/2017
56 Say Less: Finding your Niche in a Crowded Place w/Liane Membis, Founder of Bauce Mag 03/09/2017
55 The Art of Failing Forward w/ Rebecca Jones, Founder of Miss Munchin’s Cupcakes 03/02/2017
54 It’s All About Leverage: A Marketing Masterclass w/Jeff Belizaire of The Runaway Jamaica 02/02/2017
53 From Brooklyn to Forbes 30 under 30 w/Evin Robinson & Jessica Santana, Founders of NYOT 01/26/2017
52 Secure Your Bag: From NY to Investment Banking to Harvard Business School w/Triston Francis 01/19/2017
51 Secret Vs Private: The Difficult Conversations We Don’t Have w/Kimberly Knight 01/12/2017
50 The Miseducation Of a Traveler:The Secret to Growth, Travel & Opportunity w/One Young Traveler 12/15/2016
49 What’s Next After the Protest? w/Activist Jonathan Butler (Re-Release) 12/08/2016
48 Finding Success Without Leaving Your Own Identity behind w/Jon Jackson, Co-Founder of Blavity 12/01/2016
47 Your Dream Isn’t for Everybody: Finding Balance & Focus w/ Actor, Keon Mitchell 11/24/2016
46 Accepting the Sacrifice: Building the ESPN of Comedy w/Jon Williams of ComedyHype.com 11/17/2016
45 Tell a Story Nobody Else Can Tell:Creating Side Hustles & Owning Your Truth w/Nicaila Matthews 10/27/2016
44 Manifesting Your Destiny Through Breakdowns & Breakthroughs w/Kimberly Brown 10/20/2016
43 It’s Just a Title:Sit-down w/Dr.Dallas Dance,Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools 10/13/2016
42 From Chicago to MIT to Palo Alto: Building Relationships, Skill & Creativity w/Quinnton Harris 09/15/2016
41 Grant Your Own Wishes: Finding Financial Peace through Mindfullness w/Dr.Roshawnna Novellus 09/08/2016
40 Degrees Don’t Define You:College Dropout turned Master Brand Builder & Monetizer w/Maya Elious 09/02/2016
39 Apps over Consulting: From Princeton to Wharton to Turning Down 7 Figure Offers w/Muoyo Okome 08/26/2016
38 Surviving The First Year in Business w/Timothy Noble & Britney Epps, Founders of Spark Designz 08/19/2016
37 Debt Free? How I earned over $500,000 in Scholarships w/ Ariel Andrews 08/11/2016
36 The Art of The Flourish: When Did Being Real Become so Difficult? w/ Carson Byrd 08/04/2016
35 A Freelance Graphic Designer’s Journey to CEO w/ Octavia Gilmore, Founder of Creative Juice 07/29/2016
34 From a 1.7 HS GPA to becoming the one of the youngest HBCU Presidents w/Dr. Dwaun Warmack 07/21/2016
33 How to Make Your Story Your Profession w/ Keynote Speaker & Author, Darryl Bellamy 07/14/2016
32 Breaking Into PR: No Blueprint Needed w/ PR Boss Candice Nicole 07/06/2016
31 1 Dream, No Funds to O Magazine & Whole Food’s w/Rahama Wright,CEO of Shea Yeleen 06/23/2016
30 The Balancing Act: Education vs. Ambition w/ PHD Student Joey Daniel’s 06/22/2016
29 When should I Quit? Mastering the Pivot w/Matthew Green of the District Running Collective 06/09/2016
28 Why Now is Always the Perfect Time: An Entrepreneur’s Journey w/ Finance Coach Dominique Broadway 06/03/2016
27 Fighting Injustice w/ Apparel: Social Entreprenuer 101 w/Randi Gloss, Founder of GLOSSRAGS 05/27/2016
26 Why I Left Wall Street to Launch a Startup w/ Isa Watson, Founder of Envested 05/19/2016
25 From First Generation Student to PHD: Re-evaluating Higher Education w/Dr. Tiffany Jones 05/12/2016
24 A Single Mothers journey from Laid off to Photography Movement w/ Ruby Melton 05/05/2016
23 From Poverty to Purpose: Straight Talk w/ the “Turnaround Principal” Gemar Mills 04/28/2016
22 From Breakup to Breakthrough: A Sitdown w/ Ngozi Opara, Founder of Heat Free Hair 04/21/2016
21 From an Arrogant, Homeless, College Dropout to Author, Speaker, Culture Change Agent w/ Host Greg E. Hill 03/24/2016
20 I Hired Myself : How I Left my Six-Figure Job to Travel The World w/ Rachel Hill 03/18/2016
19 ”Dealing with Rejection” 100 No’s & Daily 12 Hour Practices w/ World Touring Musician Michael Johnson 03/10/2016
18 From War-Torn Liberia to Fulbright Awardee and NASA Engineer w/ PHD Student Emmanuel Johnson 03/03/2016
17 Giving Yourself The Opportunity to Fail: How to Change your Financial Future w/ Finance Coach Rob Boyd 02/25/2016
16 What Teaching Special Ed Taught Me: From Teach For America to NYU Law School w/ Mitchell Brown 02/18/2016
15 Got a Degree, Now What? The Post Graduation Struggle Defined w/ Photographer Ariel Perry 02/11/2016
14 Unemployed with $50 and a Dream to Forbes 30 under 30 w/ Travel Noire Founder Zim Ugochukwu 02/04/2016
13 “Defining What Success Means To You” w/ North Carolina A&T SGA President Austin Ogletree 01/28/2016
12 How to Launch & Fund a Non-Profit w/ Healthy Girl’s Save The World Founder Camille McGirt 01/21/2016
11 How to Start A Blog & Make Money with Your Passion w/ Digital Media Strategist Chasity Cooper 01/14/2016
10 Overcoming Unexpected Setbacks with Bodybuilder, Performance Trainer, and Hairstylist Lauren Smith 01/08/2016
9 Navigating Adult Life After College with EducateDancer CEO Tisha Jaye 12/31/2015
8 Funding Your Passion with Fashion Designer James Murchison 12/23/2015
7 How to Succeed in Social Entreprenuership and Paid Public Speaking with EJ Carrion 12/17/2015
6 What’s Next AFTER the Protest with Mizzou Hunger Strike activist Jonathan Butler 12/15/2015
5 “Work While You Work”: From Target to MTV Wild N Out with Comedian Darren Brand 12/10/2015
4 From USA Today to Growing a Media Empire with Ashley Williams 12/03/2015
3 Building a Social Movement around HBCU’s with Travis Jackson 11/25/2015
2 From North Carolina A&T to Harvard to Educational Change with Emilee Christopher 11/25/2015
1 How to Thrive After Leaving your Dream Job at Google with Wayne Kimball Jr 11/25/2015
What To Expect From The Minority Trailblazer Podcast 11/25/2015