Why is Breaking Up With Your Potential So Hard?

Have you ever woke up and felt slightly disappointed?

Every Other Day

Every Other Day

Like nothing crazy is going on in your life but you feel like you should be a tad further along. You look in the mirror and you’re a tad bit overweight. You check your bank account and it isn’t where you thought it should be. You get into a car, that you’re grateful for but you really want something a bit newer and splashy.Then you arrive at a job which is good but not exactly suited for your passions, career, and ultimately your capabilities.

After  work you check your text messages and they are filled with messages from a person or people that you honestly are just not that excited about. We have all been there holding on to a job, relationship, business, etc for far too long because of the P word.


The job that had the potential to enhance your career. The person that had the potential to be a good husband or spouse. The new diet that had the potential to change your body. However, 9 times out of 10 we all know how that story ends. Once that chapter ends and we see the person or situation for what it is, we end up scorned and kicking ourselves for not seeing the warning signs.


In the past month have you woke up and went back to sleep because you know that next week you will wake up on time but this week you need the rest. Or spent $18 eating out after you just saw a tweet, blog, or post about saving financially but you know you will start saving in next week when you get your check. Or when you stop by Cookout and grab that tray because you need to eat all you can before you start that diet or hire that personal trainer next month.

Then that next day, or week, or month, the potential version of you never shows up. That early rising, financially fit, and in shape version of yourself never walks thru that door. It seems as if many of us including myself spend live are whole lives chasing potential and ignoring working on who we really are. When we ignore who we are, we don’t make modifications on where we are at and we make modifications on where we should be.

When I was 23 I quit my first job out of college after a year and used ALL (everything) the money I saved to write a book and launch a summer camp. It was all well intentioned and I had a blast! I wrote a book and had a summer camp that was very impactful. But after 6 months I had no money and confidence was drained. And I would repeat the cycle 2 years later albeit with a different business pursuit but same ending. Luckily those test resulted in another book but as I reach the age of 27 I am focused on not letting this happen again. I also want you to avoid some of the blind dates I have had with potential so below is a few ways I am going to slay potential once in for all!

How to Break Up with Potential

1.Realize the Mirror is Correct

My Story: The Truth is not Pretty. Last week I looked in the mirror, checked my bank account and then looked at the clock. It was 8:30 on a Saturday night and I was alone reading a book. I opened up my journal and wrote down Potential is Dead. I knew that I needed to start back eating more and drinking more water. I knew I needed to start charging more for my services and start promoting myself more. I also knew I needed to allow myself to be open to relationships and stop self-sabotaging them. But for awhile I let potential tell me that I turn around my health at any time because I have done it before. I let potential tell me it was okay to do free gigs , coaching calls, and not promote my products because I didn’t get in the game to do that. I let potential tell me that it was ok to block out any chance of a relationship or self-sabotage the ones I was in because I am all in on my careers. All because I was afraid to call myself on the lies potential was telling me. I guarantee changes are being made slowly but surely in each mentioned space.

Translation To Life: I know there is one area in your life where you are not facing the reality of what’s going on. Rather it’s at work, in your finances, in your relationship with people or with God. I challenge you to write it down and create once action you will do today that will start the avenue for change.

2. Only New Actions Create New Results

My Story: In every area above, health, finance, and relationships I know my past actions are not enough to get the results I need. But as well know knowing is not enough. For my health some new actions I am taking are simple. Laying out my workout clothes and work clothes before bed & scheduling a workout with another person at least twice a week. For my finances its simple as well. Establish a set rate and make everyone who wants to hear me speak, consult, etc go through the same process. In the relationships are just leaving the house & being open to them. I also should finally stop giving the “there’s something better” or “perfect fit” ideologies so much love.

Translation to Life: Take some time this evening or Saturday to analyze what is working and what is not. And simply plan to do more in the areas that are and shut down the areas that are not. Also for the areas that are not working, consult someone in your circle or find someone who is strong in that space to give you advice.

3. God can’t speak to you if you cant hear him

Yes, I had to take it there. I have been complaining internally now for some time that God is not speaking to me. I pray and read almost every day but God has hit me with the


Then I was reading the bible app “Hearing the Voice of God plan” and it said.


And I was like wow. As a creative, I would love to believe that I spend time in silence every day, But I don’t. I haven’t given God an opportunity to speak because my mind has been too full with activities, podcast, movies, anything I can do to fill productive but not truly filled.

What’s Changing in My Life: Going to start having 5-10 minute with God in complete silence every morning.

Question: Why do we chase potential?

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