Weekly Reflections: Episode 3

Consistency is key. So I am back again with another weekly reflection and summary of an amazing week. Remember I post these every Sunday.

Weekly Reflection (Episode 3)

My Reflections Summary

Below is a high level summary of the episode. I go into much more depth on the actual episode above but if you don’t have 15 minutes to spare then read below.

Great Things that happened

  1. Sat at the Big Table at Thanksgiving
  2. Played Flag Football with Church Family
  3. Launched my podcast!!!!

Recommended Book

The Power of Full Engagement by James E. Loehr & Tony Schwartz

Big idea of the week

To host a brand seminar first quarter next year (how to blog, podcast, write a book, etc)

Big Takeaway from Week

Have real conversations and don’t be afraid to ask for a favor

One Goal for the Week

Study 7 days straight for the GMAT in the Morning! (2 hours of FOCUSED study a day)

One Thing I need help on

Help building a team to help with podcast (audio editing, intro, ideas, managing guest)

Weekly Challenge

Have a Real Conservation with 1 friend


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