Why YOU should Run a Marathon

Have you ever heard the saying Reach for the stars, so if you  fall you land on the cloud?

Photo credit: Jimmy Baikovicius via cc

Photo credit: Jimmy Baikovicius via cc

Every time I hear that saying I rolled my eyes. If I reached for a million dollar in my pocket I wouldn’t fall on 1,000 dollars.


On June 11th, 2013 my personal best running distance was 4.4 miles

On November 17th, 2013 I ran 26.9 miles in 3 hours and 42 minutes

I didn’t set a goal that I wanted to run a marathon for the fun of it. I didn’t go online and print out a training plan to run that distance. I didn’t ask friends that ran in college how they got so many miles. It all started…


I got home from work one day and said I am going to run 8 miles. I am not going to worry about a pace. I am just going to run until my legs hurt.

Mile 1: Easy

Mile 2-4: Easier

Mile 5-8: Could have ran 10 more

Is this real? I am the same guy that 24 hours before I ran 8 miles I have never ran  past 4 miles!

Then I started thinking. If its this easy to run 8 miles then how many can I run?

2 days past and I ran 16 miles.

I REPEAT 96 hours before the farthest I ever ran was 4.1 miles. I increased my running length %400 on 4 days.

There were 3 key takeaways I learned from this experience that are applicable to life.

  1. I ran at my own pace


How often in life do we measure our success, our struggle, our happiness with those of others. I used to run against people in high school and would be about to pass out. But when I ran by myself at my own pace I was able to quadruple my all time best in 4 days.




  1. I had a app that tracked my run


How are you going to attain a goal if you do not have any method of tracking it. I can say I want to save money but if you have no budget you don’t know how much you are saving or know what spending habit you cut to save it.


  1. I ran intentionally to double my best effort

Do you want to lose weight? Get a higher GPA? Grow your business? Take your best effort in your cause and multiply that by 2 and do it. No need to seek advice. No Need for support my friends.



I said going to run 8 miles. The effect of me accomplishing that feat changed my life forever


The crazy thing about the 27 miles is that I didn’t complete it running a marathon. I roled out of bed and just ran. The power of that first run engaged the secret part of my brain that said  its doable. If you didn’t take anything from this message remember


You truly are your own competition, so track your success, and intentionally be AMAZING




I am running a marathon on September 13, 2014 and I will be updating you on the training progress, tips, and results.

I want you to run a marathon with me Next January. Remember it took me 5 months to get from 4-26 miles. You can do it to. The Goal is to get 25 people to run. We will all post our updates on the site. Comment below if you are interested.

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  • Sarah Theri

    Wow! That takes consistency congrats on your progreww. Idk if by Jan I can run a marathon but I will take on the healthy fit challange and look up any 5ks I can walk. Awesome blog!

  • Kamaria Ellerbe

    That’s really awesome.. Pacing yourself really is the key. And like you said, pacing your self in life *snaps, so powerful. I can totally relate; Track&field back in high school left me having a love-hate relationship with running. I couldn’t get enough of it, yet just thinking about running lowkey gave me anxiety. I had to really separate myself from the competition and comparison – of myself to my Ideal, and to others…. to just be free, taking my time, step by step. Trusting the process… Trusting My run as a journey not a race.

    • DEEP. SNaps fingers back. And guess what?! I think we have another contributer named @Kamaria Ellerbe coming to the blog pretty soon! 🙂

  • Jody Mack

    Bro! “If you’re persistent you’ll get it, if you’re consistent you’ll keep it” That’s exactly what I see here! Wow! I had no idea it was that many miles. Definitely inspired!

    • YEP! SO now lets sign up for this marathon in January!

  • William Stewart

    I now find this post very funny because although it focuses on running, it’s about our decision to say “do it” opposed to trying. I find it hilarious how you write this piece and share it with me after I’ve made the decision to start to “do it.” Greg, you’ve taught me certain things that I’ll always be grateful for but this is the one thing that I cannot express in words how much it actually means to me. I decided awhile back that it’s time for me to do what I want because my body is mine, my destiny belongs to me, and my happiness depends on my satisfaction. Be blessed brother…thank you.

    • No thankyou my brother. You already know our relationship stands. You have seen it all. I am glad that I can in some way continue to add value to your life. Thanks for always supporting me on this journey my brother through the AMAZING, the BAD, and the UGLY.

  • BenjaminMack

    Running was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made, and the best advice I received was to run at my own pace. This was a great post.

    • No Problem bro. And thankyou! We need the krispy kreme race pretty soon.

  • Ehren Allen

    You have a great race plan Big Bro and knowing you anything will be possible so I expect nothing less then the top 3.With this race you will inspire a lot of people just as you have inspired me. Your gonna do great your hard working determined and will push through anything I see big things awaiting you at the finish line. running helped me get to where I am today and it will enhance you 30xs more.

  • Brandon

    This is fantastic. I’m on this journey to run a marathon and reading through this has kept my hope alive. I just need to stay consistent and keep moving!!!!

    • Gregory Hill

      Does that mean your joining me in January for the marathon brother??