4 Tip’s to Turn a Hopeless Year to Hopeful

Before I begin. I know it has been almost a year since I have made a blog post, Instagram post, Facebook post, etc. But! Guess what



I should have written this post three months ago. I battled for a while about how long this post would be. I almost broke it into a series but I decided to let my thoughts from the last 11 months flow into one post. I had so much to say, so many things to share, and so many things I wanted to explain. After a summer spent on the road speaking, making television appearances, being highlighted in local newspapers and magazines, and the release of my first book, I thought I had arrived. Then all of a sudden I went on an 11 month journey of silence, self-reflection, and growth.

If you have ever had a time in your life where you’re outer appearance and situation didn’t correlate to your interior, then I bet you can relate.

Over the last 11 months I have received dozens of calls, texts and Facebook messages asking the same message;

  • Where have you been? Are you Ok?
  • Why am I not getting morning messages anymore?
  • Are you still running?
  • Are you alive?

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I will say that your support, prayers and small gestures have meant the world to me {Special shootout to Jasmine, Jerime, Onyinyechi  (#15) , Kendrick and Julian}. I hope to once again grow and share my stories, dreams and projects with you, in hopes of encouraging you to continue growing and to always stay true to yourself.I won’t bore you into the details of the last year of my life.

Below are a few things I observed over the last year. Two funny stories and one goal I set for myself by the end of year.

Note: I will be back to blogging every Tuesday and will update you soon on the new projects I am working on.

4 Tips to Turn a Hopeless Year to Hopeful

  1. Remind yourself EVERYDAY that there are 7 Billion plus other people on earth

January 2015 through March 2015 was the most difficult stretch of my life. It’s crazy how immediately after conquering a vice, you can immediately fall back into that same vice. The culprit was that I stopped thinking of and serving others. When you are your only focus you will of course dwell on every flaw, mistake, regret etc. But when you are actively serving others you don’t have time to think about your situation. Sending out morning text messages to 100 people, making videos and posting blog entries, helped me so much and built up a store of positive energy. But taking those things away and worrying about my own situation, crippled me in more ways than I would have imagined. The age old thought of “focus on yourself” isn’t always the best route.

Key Takeaway: Feeling lonely, depressed about your situation in life, career or relationship? Go sign up to volunteer for a homeless shelter, with local kids or people with special needs. I guarantee you 100% it will help.

  1. Sometimes you have to stop reaching for the stars and acknowledge the earth

In order for me to finish my book, finish a marathon or graduate college, it took writing 500 words a day. It took me running every morning. It took going to class each and every day. But after I accomplished my goals last year I became way too engulfed in the final outcome and goals instead of the journey. So when I wasn’t seeing immediate results, I quickly became discouraged instead of noticing the small gains I was making daily. Which eventually led to me taking steps backwards.

  1. Don’t isolate yourself

Your friends and supporters are there for a reason. Not just to cheer you on when you’re doing well, but to encourage you when you’re going through something. Don’t treat them like fans. They deserve more and you deserve more. People count on you. Maybe not like the country counts on the president or how you count on your job or customers paying you for work. But your smile, your genuine conversations, the smallest thing you do could be something that means the world to someone. So keep being someone’s spark.

  1. Don’t quit your job before your side business generates income for you (For my entrepreneurs)

I left corporate America with 10k in savings having made 0$ in public speaking, selling books, or teaching seminars. That was a bad idea. In hindsight I could have done the exact same thing I was doing and kept my full time job. I thoroughly believe in following your passion but don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation by leaving too soon before you have any idea of proof that you can support yourself.

Two Funny Stories

Story 1: Hey Greg, we are better off as friends

A few months ago, I heard the words no man wants to hear from a female friend they’re interested in. “We need to talk.” We’d just had a good weekend  where I paid $105 (long story) in parking and went to a restaurant we had to make a reservation for. Note: I have never made a reservation in my life and wasn’t planning on it. So if anything I thought it would be great news. Turns out after that weekend she wanted to be friends and nothing more.

After 1 hour of frantic calls to friends explaining my situation I calmly came to my senses.

I should not have been surprised. My actions screamed “FRIEND”

  • I went Dutch first time we ate out
  • I never even asked if she was even in a relationship
  • We talked for two years without me ever mentioning I wanted more

Last time I checked that’s what friends do. But why I am sharing this story with you??

You can’t have phenomenal expectations with average effort.

Repeat: You can’t have phenomenal expectations with average effort

I expected something to blossom the way I wanted it to, without putting in the effort or intent required to make it happen.

  1. Identify one thing in your life whether it be a potential relationship, career, or side hobby that you’re trying to take to the next level
  2. Determine if your effort is indicative of what you want out of the desired thing.
  3. Then identify one thing you can do to get it there.
  4. Next, share it with a close friend to ensure accountability.


Story 2: Manager Story

“You need to keep your attitude in check”

When you see an email like this at work what goes through your mind?


I felt utterly disrespected. I have never been told anything like that from someone outside of my mother, anytime in my life. Immediately after that email was received my attitude changed. Which led to a meeting with my boss that culminated in her telling me my work ethic was average, my work attire was bland, and I was performing well under my potential.

Average | Bland | Below Potential (Those words kept whispering in my head)

For 3 days I blamed everything on my manager not understanding me, not respecting my background and taking her job too seriously. Then on the fourth day it dawned on me.

I had to get real honest with myself.  I was not bringing my A game to work. I was not dressing appropriately. I was being inconsiderate at times with the tone of my responses. And finally, I wasn’t being mature enough to see things through someone else’s perspective.

Since then I wear suits three days out of the week, am mindful about my tone with coworkers and make it my mission to smile and bring positivity to my workplace every day. Which has drastically changed my daily outlook, and dynamics of my office.

Key Takeaway: I took the emotion out of the equation and was able to utilize this situation to help me become better.

What is the last event in your life that through you for a loop. What are some things that you control that could have changed the situation? What positive takeaway can you implement from it?

1 Goal I WILL  reach before December 31st 2015:

Before this year is over I will launch my podcast and have 10 Episodes online.

Question: What is 1 goal you are trying to reach by December 30th, 2015

{Answer Below in the comments by clicking here.}

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