Weekly Reflections: Episode 7

Each Sunday I post a recap of my week with a few takeaways. To inspire others to reflect on their week and to force me to reflect on life as well.

Weekly Reflection (Episode 7)

My Reflections Summary

Below is a high level summary of the episode. I go into much more depth on the actual episode above but if you don’t have 15 minutes to spare then read below.

Great Things That Happened

  1. Reunion with my best friends from High school
  2. Christmas giving top niece and nephew
  3. Thursday Blog post reaching over 1,000 views in 3 days

Recommended Book

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Big idea of the week

(Must Listen to Hear)

Big Takeaway from Week

You are being watched, so live with a purpose

One Goal for the Week

Create Daily Routine. Will publish for public viewing next Sunday

One Thing I need help on

Prayers for wisdom

Weekly Challenge

Go 1 day without your phone.


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