Patience is an Excuse | Weekly Thrive | Episode 2

Each Sunday I post a recap of my week with a few takeaways. To inspire others to reflect on their week and to force me to reflect on life as well.

Weekly Reflections Episode 2

My Reflections Summary

Great Things That Happened

  • Took students on a Trip to Duke
  • Message from UK podcast supporter
  • 2 more people subscribed to my Youtube Channel

Big idea of the week

Utilize drop shipping for my merchandise album free

Recommended Book/Tool/ Resource

Tongue scraper

1 Area for Improvement

Going to Bed

Big Takeaway from Week

Stop waiting on chances when you can be using your opportunities

One Thing I need Help On

Feedback on what you would like to see from a conference

My One Goal for Next Week

Debut Minority Trailblazer Shirt – (prayers for weddings)

Challenge to You

In the comments on youtube write down one thing you will get done this week


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